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Comprehensive Pavers Cost Guide for 2024

At Driveway & Paver Solutions, we often hear the question, “How much does it cost to install pavers?” Paver installation costs can vary depending on your location, the type of pavers used, and the installation company you choose. Typically, professional paver installation ranges from $10 to $25 per square foot.

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of paver installation costs, we’ve created this detailed price guide. It covers various factors, including materials, fees, labor, and company expenses that contribute to your paver project’s overall cost.

Our guide is based on a scenario where we replace a 400 square foot patio (20 feet by 20 feet) of cracked concrete with beautiful interlocking pavers.

Please note that the figures in this guide are based on South Florida pricing and should be adjusted according to your geographical location..


Operation Fees


Company Overhead

Company Profit


For Driveway & Paver Solutions in South Florida, when planning a paver installation project, several key materials are essential for a successful outcome. These materials include:

    • Pavers: A diverse selection of pavers is available, suitable for patios, driveways, pool decks, or walkways. Options vary in texture, color, and style, allowing for a range of patterns. Popular choices include brick, concrete, and various types of stone such as flagstone, bluestone, cobblestone, and cut stone. The cost for concrete pavers ranges from $3 to $6 per square foot, depending on the pattern. Brick pavers start at $4 to $8 per square foot, potentially reaching $15 to $20 per square foot for higher-end options. Stone pavers cost between $7 to $16 per square foot, with natural stone types being on the higher end of the price range.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Total pavers (including waste)400 sq ft + 10% waste440 sq ft of pavers
Pavers cost (before taxes)440 sq ft x $3.23/sq ft$1,421.2
Pavers cost after taxes (South Florida)$1,421.20 subtotal + 7% tax$1,520.68
Pavers cost per square foot$1,534.90 : 400 sq ft$3.80/sq ft
    • Class II Road Base: This material consists of crushed rock ranging from fine dust to 3/4-inch pieces, serving as the foundation for the paver installation. Prices vary by location, with a cost-effective option being around $0.73 per square foot, including taxes.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Class II road base (taxes included)440 sq ft x $0.73/sq ft$292
    • Geotextile Fabric: Positioned beneath the Class II road base, geotextile fabric prevents mixing with the native soil. It costs approximately $0.43 per square foot, taxes included.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Geotextile fabric (taxes included)440 sq ft x $0.43/sq ft$172
    • Bedding Sand: Acting as a cushion between the road base and pavers, bedding sand is priced at about $0.36 per square foot, with taxes included.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Bedding sand (taxes included)440 sq ft x $0.36/sq ft$144
    • Concrete: Necessary for reinforcing the project’s borders through a concrete bond beam, which is essential alongside softscape surfaces. The cost is roughly $1.33 per linear foot.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Concrete material80 feet x $1.33/ft$107
  • Joint Sand: Filling the joints between pavers, joint sand ensures the pavers remain uniform and secure. It is priced at approximately $0.12 per square foot, taxes included.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Joint sand (taxes included)400 sq ft x $0.12/sq ft$48

For a standard guide, assuming a project size of 400 square feet plus a 10% allowance for waste, the total cost for materials is estimated to be $2,284.28. This includes pavers at $3.80 per square foot (accounting for waste and taxes).

This comprehensive breakdown ensures that Driveway & Paver Solutions in South Florida can accurately budget and prepare for a paver installation project, offering a clear understanding of the costs and materials involved.

Materials Total
Materials Total
Pavers cost after taxes (South Florida)$1,520.68
Class II road base (taxes included)$292.00
Geotextile fabric (taxes included)$172.00
Bedding sand (taxes included)$144.00
Concrete material$107.60
Joint sand (taxes included)$48.00

Operation Fees

Our operational fees are comprehensive, covering all the essentials needed for a seamless project execution. These fees include:

    • Dump Costs: For the disposal requirements of a 400-square-foot patio, the anticipated need is for about two and a half truckloads of concrete and half a truckload of dirt. The dirt can be loaded more densely due to its finer composition compared to concrete. The cost for hauling away each load of dirt is approximately $160, while the removal of each load of concrete is estimated at $121.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Dirt loads$160 per load x 0.5 truckload$80
Concrete loads$121 per load x 1.5 truckloads$181.50
Dump costs$370 + $417$261.50
    • Fueling: Calculating fuel expenses can be complex due to several variables, including the distance to the disposal site, fluctuating prices of fuel, and the type of materials being transported. For precaution and budgeting purposes, Driveway & Paver Solutions assigns an estimated fueling cost of $500 for a typical driveway project.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
FuelingEstimated $500$500
    • Delivery: The cost to deliver materials to your site forms a part of our operational charges. These rates are subject to variation based on the supplier’s policies and the distance to your project’s location, generally falling between $520 and $670 for each trip. Considering the carrying capacity of a truck is 1,400 square feet of pavers, Driveway & Paver Solutions estimates a standard delivery fee of $550 for transporting 400 square feet of paving stones to your project.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
DeliveryEstimated $550$550
    • Pallet: Manufacturers impose a pallet fee on the installation company for the use of pallets in shipping materials. For a project covering 400 square feet, this fee is calculated at a rate of $0.09 per square foot.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Pallet Fees400 sq ft x $0.09/sq ft$36
    • Cleanup: The final charge in our service list is for cleanup, which encompasses the removal of any residual materials and pallets from the project site. This cost varies based on the selected manufacturer and the travel distance required for the pickup service. Fees for this service are typically between $255 and $325. For the purposes of this example, Driveway & Paver Solutions will apply the most economical rate of $255 for the cleanup operations.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Clean UpEstimated $255$255
    • Excavation: Excavation is an additional service that might be required to prepare the site for paver installation, which involves leveling or grading the land. The price for excavation services varies, typically ranging from $0.47 to $2.28 per square foot. In this instance, Driveway & Paver Solutions will estimate the cost at a standard rate of $1.00 per square foot.
Pavers Cost Breakdown
ExcavationEstimated $400$400
Materials Total
Operation Fees Total
Dump costs$261.50
Pallet fees$36.00
Clean up$255.00
Operation Fees TOTAL$2,002.50


The most significant factor that affects the outcome of a paver installation is the quality of the workmanship. This is a real-world example of the adage “you get what you pay for,” especially when it comes to a high-standard paver installation. To ensure excellence, it’s advisable to choose installers with extensive experience.

The market has a variety of installers, some of whom may only have a few years of experience laying pavers. In contrast, you’ll find teams with over two decades of specialized expertise. Opting for the more seasoned professionals may come with a higher price tag, but the superiority in the finished project’s quality, longevity, and overall structural integrity will be starkly evident when compared to the work of less experienced installers.

For labor from a crew that boasts seasoned experience in installing pavers, the cost will typically range from $1 to $3 per square foot. The following provides a detailed labor cost range based on the crew’s experience.

Pavers Cost Breakdown
Labor cost (outstanding crew with
25+ years of experience)
400 sq ft
x $3/sq ft
Labor cost (outstanding crew)400 sq ft
x $2/sq ft
Labor cost (good crew)400 sq ft
x $1/sq ft

For the construction of a 400-square-foot patio, we project employing a top-notch team at a labor rate of $4.25 per square foot. A proficient crew, typically comprising four to five members, is expected to complete the project within approximately five days.

Investing in skilled labor is critical and should not be an area of compromise. Opting for lower-cost installation services may seem beneficial in the short term, but the accessibility and reliability of such companies can be questionable in the future, particularly if issues arise with the integrity of the installation. It’s wise to budget with foresight, prioritizing the employment of the most capable installers to ensure a durable and well-constructed patio.

Materials Total
Labor Total$800.00
Elegant patio pavers setup with BBQ grill.

Company Overhead

The pricing of your paver project by contractors and installation companies encompasses various overhead expenses, which are essential for their operations. For the purposes of estimation, let’s consider an overhead rate of 10% of the total project cost. This overhead includes a range of costs such as:

  • Workers’ compensation and general liability insurance
  • Licensing fees required by the state of Florida
  • The cost of a contractor’s bond
  • Corporation-related fees
  • Payroll and accounting expenses
  • Business taxes and legal consultation fees
  • Marketing and advertising outlays
  • Salaries for administrative staff
  • Vehicle-related costs
  • Professional certifications (e.g., BBB, ICPI)
  • Office-related expenses, which cover business cards, contract documents, promotional yard signs and car magnets, company-branded attire, communication devices, website and hosting, internet service, computer hardware, photography equipment, payment processing systems, office lease, storage yard costs, utility bills, and general office supplies like tape measures and landscaping paint
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Company overhead cost$5,086.78 (cost so far) x 10%$508.67

It’s important to note that Driveway & Paver Solutions benefits from exclusive deals on paver materials, offering rates that are more competitive than those available to other distributors and contractors. This advantage is a direct result of our standing as the premier paver installation company throughout South Florida. Our high volume of installations grants us access to bulk pricing, which significantly reduces our material costs. Consequently, the pricing examples provided here represent the lowest possible figures you’ll find in the market. Should you choose to work with a different installation service, be prepared to adjust your budget upwards to reflect the difference in material costs.

Materials Total
Elegant driveway paved with travertine stone.
Company Overhead + Materials, Operations, and Labor
Pavers Cost Breakdown
Company overhead + materials, operations, and Labor$5,685.45
Company overhead + materials, operations, and labor
(per square foot)

Company Profit

The residual funds, which we refer to as the “Company Profit Share,” are allocated for several critical purposes. This includes compensating our field supervisors and the design consultants who contribute to the success of your project. Moreover, it supports the overall company operations, enabling us to sustain growth and ensure the smooth running of the business.

Additionally, this profit share is crucial for covering any repair work that might arise during the warranty period of your installation. It’s essential for paver installation companies to earmark a portion of the project’s profit as a contingency fund for repairs. This approach guarantees that we can address any service requests promptly and efficiently, maintaining our commitment to total customer satisfaction without having to divert resources from new projects to fund repairs.

Pavers Cost Breakdown
10% Margint$5,685.45 (cost so far) x 10%$568.54
Materials Total


Materials Total
Operation fees$2,002.50
Company overhead (10%)$598.67
Company profit (10%)$568.54
GRAN TOTAL$6,253.99

In this guide to paver costs, we’ve based our calculations on the most cost-effective options available for each aspect of your project. The only exception is our choice of labor; we’ve opted for a more experienced crew, understanding that superior expertise inevitably comes with a higher price tag.

It’s crucial to underscore the importance of not compromising on labor quality to cut costs. Investing in a highly skilled crew is essential and invariably proves to be a wise expenditure.

These estimates give you a solid baseline for what the lower end of your paver project might cost.

But what exactly does “lower end” mean?
Several variables could potentially increase the cost of your project. These include the location of the installation (front yard, backyard, upstairs, downstairs, or even through your house), the type of stone selected, drainage complications, issues with roots, the total area of the project, the decision to apply a sealer, and additional elements like steps, walls, mow-strips, etc. Each installation project is unique and tailored to your specific requirements, affecting the final estimate.


The main purpose of this guide is to illuminate the costs associated with a typical paving stone project. By demystifying the pricing structure, Driveway & Paver Solutions aims to equip you with the necessary insight to confidently select the right contractor for your paving needs.

From our comprehensive cost breakdown, it’s evident that a company offering prices significantly lower than ours is likely making compromises in critical areas:

  • Employing a crew with less experience and offering them wages below what we consider the industry standard.
  • Operating without adequately covering essential overhead costs, crucial for running a lawful and financially healthy business in South Florida.
  • Failing to allocate adequate compensation for themselves, which is essential for sustainable business operations.

A company compromising in these areas is unlikely to maintain a lasting presence in the industry. Prioritizing low prices above all else can lead to detrimental outcomes for everyone involved.

We hope this overview assists you in navigating your paver installation project decisions.

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