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Welcome to Driveway & Paver Solutions, your trusted choice for paver installation in South Florida. Boasting over 25 years of expertise, we are dedicated to guiding you in making the most informed and beneficial decision for your paving stone project. Trust us to enhance your space with quality and precision.

Pavers not only enhance the overall value of your home but also make a distinct style statement. With an extensive selection of styles, colors, and patterns available, you’re sure to find the perfect combination that aligns seamlessly with your specific needs and preferences.

Paver Applications

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Paver Materials

Our range includes a diverse array of paver materials to fulfill your outdoor design requirements, such as Chicago bricks, coral stone, travertine, and concrete pavers.

Benefits of Pavers

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Pricing Overview for Paver Installation

Discover the tailored pricing for your paver installation with Driveway & Paver Solutions, where costs are calculated based on square footage, material selection, operations, labor, overhead, and our company’s dedicated service. Material choices dictate the price spectrum, with premium options available for those seeking an upscale finish. Our material selection ranges from:

  • Concrete Pavers – A cost-effective and versatile option, providing durability at an affordable price.
  • Natural Stone – Offers a luxurious and timeless appeal, reflecting a higher price point for its unique beauty.
  • Chicago Bricks – The premium choice, prized for their historic charm and unmatched quality, representing the highest-end material in terms of cost.

To ensure a confident start to your project, utilize our complimentary Paver Cost Calculator or refer to our Pavers Pricing Guide for an insightful estimate tailored to your project specifications.”

This revised text offers clarity on the costs associated with different materials, placing an emphasis on the upscale nature of Chicago bricks and natural stone compared to the more economical concrete pavers.


Our Paver Installation Process

Expertise and Detail: A Closer Look at Our Comprehensive Paver Installation Process

Paver FAQs

Paving stones are a superior choice for durability and aesthetics compared to concrete slabs. They are four times stronger, capable of handling greater weight without cracking, and adapt better to ground movement. Paving stones are slip-resistant, easy to repair, cost-effective over the long term, and can significantly increase your property’s value.

The installation time for paving stones can vary based on the project size and preparation required. For a typical 1,000 sq. ft. area, the process may take approximately five days with a skilled crew. The advantage of pavers is that they are ready for use immediately after installation, with no curing time needed.

The cost of a paver project depends on several factors including square footage, materials, labor, and overhead. On average, installing 1,000 sq. ft of pavers might cost around $9 to $13 per square foot. To get a more accurate estimate for your specific project, we recommend using our Paver Cost Calculator.

Yes, at Driveway & Paver Solutions, we provide convenient financing options for your landscaping or outdoor living project. Our flexible payment plans make it easier to budget for your dream outdoor space. Contact us to explore the variety of financing solutions available

Pavers can be installed over existing concrete slabs in good condition, known as an overlay. This method is cost-effective for patios and walkways. However, for driveways or high-traffic areas, we recommend a full installation for optimal durability.

While pavers may have a higher initial cost compared to concrete, they tend to be more economical in the long run due to lower maintenance and repair costs. Pavers are also easier to repair or replace if damaged. they are ready for use immediately after installation, with no curing time needed.

Sealing pavers is not mandatory, but it is recommended to protect them from stains, weather, and wear. Sealant helps keep pavers looking new and makes them easier to clean.

Pavers are extremely durable, typically lasting 50-100 years or more. At Driveway & Paver Solutions, our paving stones come with a lifetime guarantee against breaking and cracking, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Driveway & Paver Solutions offers comprehensive paver cleaning services to keep your outdoor space looking pristine. Our professional cleaning can help extend the life and beauty of your pavers.

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