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At Driveway & Paver Solutions, we bring over 25 years of expertise to South Florida, specializing in creating stunning, long-lasting driveways with our exclusive Chicago bricks. As direct manufacturers, we offer unparalleled quality and value, ensuring your driveway isn’t just a path to your home, but a statement of style and durability. Our commitment to excellence and innovation, combined with our unique ability to provide producer-direct pricing, sets us apart as the best choice for enhancing your property’s curb appeal and value.

Why use pavers for your driveway?

Elevate Your Driveway’s Look with Paver Installation

Revitalize your driveway’s charm with the diverse selection of pavers, boasting an array of patterns, hues, and finishes. These options ensure a perfect alignment with your home’s architecture or garden design, distinguishing pavers from conventional driveway materials. Opting for Chicago bricks as part of your driveway installation enhances your property’s curb appeal through their unique appearance and robustness, while also blending effortlessly with surrounding hardscape features. Explore North Chicago Bricks for creative ideas and a variety of choices to incorporate Chicago bricks into your driveway enhancement.

Strength and Adaptability

Choose Strength and Adaptability in Driveway Installation

For those updating their driveways, durability and aesthetic appeal are often paramount. Our experienced team installs driveway pavers that naturally adjust to seasonal ground shifts, mitigating the risk of cracks and damage found in brick or concrete driveways. The inherent resilience of pavers means they withstand the pressure of heavy vehicles without distortion or sinking.


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Travertine - Chicago Bricks

Focus on Safety and Water Management

Emphasize Safety and Water Management with Paver Installations

Safety considerations are crucial in selecting driveway installation services. Pavers are crafted to be selectively permeable, allowing for effective water drainage, which supports the water table and lessens the chance of puddle formation and icy conditions. This functionality not only protects the environment but also reduces slip-and-fall accidents and prevents ice damage to vehicles, addressing major safety concerns of many homeowners.

Simple Upkeep

Enjoy the Simplicity of Paver Maintenance

Compared to DIY driveway alternatives, pavers stand out for their low maintenance requirements. Simple sweeping and occasional cleansing with soapy water keep pavers looking pristine. Their stain resistance, enhanced by optional sealing, ensures longevity. In the event of damage, individual pavers can be easily replaced, avoiding the need for major repairs. This ease of maintenance is often supported by manufacturers’ lifetime warranties, highlighting the enduring appeal of pavers.

Consistent Aesthetic for Future Enhancements

Ensure Aesthetic Consistency for Future Enhancements with Driveway Pavers

Planning ahead for future property upgrades? Driveway pavers maintain their color and integrity over time, including UV protection to prevent fading. This consistency guarantees that any subsequent additions, like a complementary pathway, will seamlessly integrate with your existing driveway, creating a unified look as if it was all installed simultaneously.


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Driveway Installation with Pavers FAQ - Driveway & Paver Solutions

Are upfront costs a concern? Pavers may have a higher initial price, but consider the long-term savings from minimal maintenance and the significant increase in home value they offer.

Worried about weeds in the joints? Discover how our use of polymer sand can drastically reduce weed growth, ensuring your pavers stay pristine with a proper installation.

Seeking the perfect blend of aesthetics and low maintenance for your driveway? Learn why stone driveway pavers are a smart investment and how our experienced team can elevate your home’s entryway.

Choosing the right pavers involves considering the style and design you envision, the material (concrete, clay, or natural stone) that best suits your budget and local climate, and colors that complement your home’s exterior. We recommend selecting pavers with a textured surface for better traction, especially in areas prone to rain or snow.

The installation process includes several key steps:

  1. Site Preparation: Clearing the area and ensuring proper grading for drainage.
  2. Base Installation: Laying down a crushed stone or gravel base and compacting it to provide a stable foundation.
  3. Edge Restraints: Installing restraints to prevent pavers from shifting.
  4. Sand Bedding: Applying a layer of sand to set the pavers on.
  5. Laying Pavers: Placing the pavers according to the chosen pattern.
  6. Joint Sanding: Filling the gaps between pavers with sand to lock them in place.
  7. Compaction: Compacting the pavers to ensure they are level and secure.

With proper maintenance, a paver driveway can last for 30 to 50 years or more. The longevity of your driveway will depend on the quality of the installation process, the materials used, and the level of maintenance performed over the years.

While paver driveways require less maintenance than asphalt or concrete driveways, some upkeep is necessary to keep them looking their best. This includes occasional cleaning, re-sanding of joints, and sealing to protect against stains and weathering.

Yes, paver driveways can be designed to support heavy vehicles when installed with a properly prepared subgrade and base. This ensures the driveway is durable enough to handle the weight of RVs, trucks, and other heavy vehicles.

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