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Which Material is Best for Pool Decking: Coral Stone or Travertine?

Which Material is Best for Pool Decking: Coral Stone or Travertine?

Choosing the right material for pool decking can be a crucial decision. In the debate between coral stone and travertine, several factors come into play, especially considering the post-COVID economic landscape. Let’s delve into why coral stone might be the superior choice for your pool decking needs.

Coral Stone: The Caribbean Choice

Coral stone, quarried exclusively in the Caribbean Bay at the Dominican Republic, stands out for its natural beauty and practical benefits. Driveway & Paver Solutions, owning a quarry in the Dominican Republic, is in a unique position to offer the best prices for this exquisite material. Discover more about our pool decking installation services and how we can bring the beauty of coral stone to your space.

Coral stone’s heat resistance ensures comfort underfoot, while its slip-resistant texture adds safety to wet pool areas. Its unique aesthetic, durability, and low maintenance requirements make it a top contender for pool decking.

Travertine: A Traditional Alternative

Travertine, a popular choice pre-COVID due to its lower price driven by affordable transportation costs, has seen a price increase recently. While it offers a sophisticated look, the comfort factor in sunny climates might not match that of coral stone due to its heat absorption properties.

Making the Right Choice

With the price of travertine now almost on par with coral stone and considering the unique benefits of coral stone, it emerges as a more practical and aesthetically pleasing option for pool decking. The ownership of a coral stone quarry by Driveway & Paver Solutions not only ensures the best prices but also guarantees premium quality and supply reliability.

In conclusion, coral stone, with its combination of beauty, functionality, and cost-effectiveness, is an excellent choice for your pool decking needs. Explore our range of options and services to find the perfect fit for your outdoor space.

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